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Make Purchases
Your Per Diem Card can be used wherever Visa® debit cards are accepted. There is no cost to make purchases in stores, over the phone or online.


  • Know your available balance.
  • Select “CREDIT” on the authorization machine or select “DEBIT” and enter your PIN.

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Check Your Balance





  • Call Per Diem Cardholder Services at 855-209-8385.



  • Receive email or text alerts when funds have been deposited to your account or when your balance gets low. Login to the Per Diem website and select the “Alerts” tab.


  • Perform a balance inquiry at an ATM.

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Get Cash1 (available with the Elite Per Diem Card only)



  • Enter PIN.
  • Select “WITHDRAWAL” from “CHECKING”.


Bank or Credit Union Teller

  • Know your balance (the teller will not have access to this information).
  • Ask for the amount you wish to withdraw (you can’t go over your balance).
  • You may need to provide your ID.


Cash Back
You can ask for “cash back” when you make purchases at places like the grocery store or retail store.

  • Select “DEBIT” on the authorization machine.
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN.
  • Select “YES” for cash back.
  • Enter the amount, press “OK”.


1 Some fees may apply. Please refer to the back of your card carrier for a list of potential fees.
2 Standard messaging charges apply through your mobile carrier and message frequency depends on account settings.